Secondary Sources

Here is the speech [in Assamese] about the 'man of letters' Munin Barkotoki delivered by noted writer and academic Sri Upen Sarma at the Munin Barkotoki Literary award event on 9th March 2019.

A film titled ‘Living in the Mind: the world of Munin Barkotoki’ [Assamese title ‘Aprakasor Bedona’] was produced as part of the Munin Barkataki Birth Centenary celebrations. The 57 minute long biopic is directed by Prabin Hazarika and features Rupam Barua in the title role.

As part of the production process of the film mentioned in A above several distinguished writers, journalists and intellectuals as well as family members were interviewed.

Here are some of the interviews

Interview with distinguished intellectual Professor Hiren Gohain (Guwahati, 12.4.2014)

Interview with distinguished playwright Arun Sarma (Guwahati, 12.4.2014)

Interview with illustrious poet Nilmoni Phukan in two parts A and B (Guwahati, 12.4.2014)

Interview with noted journalist Radhika Mohan Bhagabati (Guwahati, 26.6.2014)

Interview with noted academic Prabhat Bora (Nagaon, 8.7.2014)

Interview with noted critic Upendra Barkataki (Nagaon, 8.7.2014)

Interview with Munin Barkotoki’s wife and distinguished politician Renuka Devi Barkataki (Guwahati, 12.4.2014)

Interview with Munin Barkotoki’s niece and writer Chandraprabha Bhattacharjya [Okoni Baidew] (Jorhat, 9.7.2014)

Interview with nephew and occasional writer Prabin Sharma [Habul da] (Guwahati, 26.6.2014)

Interview with daughter and academic Meenaxi Barkataki-Ruscheweyh (Guwahati, 26.6.2014)

Some Adya Shradha Tributes

Adyashradha Shradhanjali

Tribute - Hem Ch. Sarma

Tribute - Maheswar Neog

Tribute - Ram Goswamee

Tribute - Kanak Ch. Deka

Tribute - Munin Hazarika

Tribute - Padmapani

Tribute - Gopal Sarma Barooa